Monday, May 3, 2010

between relieved and worried

you know what? I feel so relieved! It feels like I can breathe more and more easily this day. why ? Because my score in national examination is just so satisfying! I got 54.75 from six lessons which is tested. Thank you so much for all of you guys who keep wishing me luck :)
So, now, what I need to do is just having fun as much as I can with my high school friends before we left our hometown to study in different university. So, here is me with my friend having karaoke together!


tee (unbranded), infinity scarf (cottonink), tights (unbranded), fringe oxford shoes (pinkbubble), bag (roxy), initial ring (loly poly)

a clooser look of my oxford fringe shoes


12 people having karaoke together, yeah crazy!

anyway, let me introduce you, my boyfriend, R. Fandy Purwidya Putra, we've been together for about 3 years since August 17th 2007. Yeah, our date is the same as Indonesia's Independence Day hip hip hurraaay :)
and congratulation my dearest boy for your acceptance in school of business and management, ITB.

This is what I worried about ! I'm so happy for him because school of business and management ITB is his dream. But it means, we're gonna have a long distance relationship. He'll be in Bandung,West Java and I'm here in Malang,East Java.
Will everything gonna be ok? I used to meet him everyday this last 3 years since we're in the same high school. have you guys been in a long distance relationship? how is it like? I'm worried , seriously.


moochelo said...

lol sorry for the CAPITALIZED LETTER.
I just really love it!! ;)

bootsybetsy said...

aww , love your oxford dear !! and thanks for the comment , I've linked you . hahaha
my pleasure :)

creamy said...

I like it!!
Wanna exchange link with me??
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Ice CreamyWorld

han q said...

i love ur shoes, and tht infinity scarf!!

oxox, djhanq
(tell me if u've follow me, si can foll-back u) :)
tattoo freak

Anita Putri said...

cute shoes.thank you for the sweet comment.
check out my new post :)
btw congrat for your boyfriend ya..
feel free to visit,follow and link

Jessica said...

you got nice scores girl! congratz!!


han q said...

thanks for ur comment kak
i've followed and linked u too
mind following me back?

thanks :)

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

michelle_ said...

gorgeous shoess !
the oxford and superbbb !

thanks for the sweet comments :) :)

Castor Pollux said...

cute shoes :)
congrats to your boyfriend!

btw, care to exchange link?

Castor Pollux

Fathim Galuh said...

u'r trully my inspiration!!

p.s:aku dan temanku(yang merupakan adik kelas mbak) memberi julukan "GF banget" buat mbak. artinya bukan karena mbak korban fashion GF, or etc. but, u'r really2 GF and we love that. we love the way you mix your clothes and your stuff!! cool!!!

F i K a said...

wooow 54,75?? great job valo!!
don't worry about the LDR thingy, if you two were mean to be together than all of that will be so easy ;)

yg ptg saling percaya dan tetep jaga komunikasi aja :D

Fathim Galuh said...

iya kelas 11.
tadi di skool liat mbak.
langsung heboh..
kami penggemar barunya mbak..

t said...

Cool scarf!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

O, I've posted about simple skinny and back to childhood

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