Saturday, October 11, 2014

Japan (Part One)

Got the chance to travel to Japan, even only for a week, but the lesson I got is already too much to be written down. I arrived at Narita International Airport at 9 in the morning and because it was spring at that time, the weather is uncertain. In Narita, it was rain and so windy I feel sad for a while for it is hard to enjoy Japan on foot in rainy days. But then again, welcome to Japan yay!

A glance of Tokyo that I captured on my way to Shizuoka prefecture

Then from Narita we go straight to Shizuoka prefecture to have lunch at Gotenba Kameya, enjoying set menu which consist of udon, tempura, grilled salmon, stewed vegetables, rolled omelete, and rice. First impression about enjoying japanese set in Japan? Divine. 

At Gotenba Kameya, me wearing: 
Dress (Amary bought from Zalora), Jacket (Marks & Spencer), 
Bag (Charles & Keith), Shoes (Unbranded)

Gotemba Factory Outlet

On my first day in Japan I choose simple dress bought from Zalora, I love it since the fabric is so comfortable and suits best for traveling, yet the stripes pattern makes it does not look less fashionable. And even if the temperature of Japan in spring is not too low, the wind blows quite hard so my Marks & Spencer wool jacket really was able to keep me warm.

Anyway, from Gotenba Kameya we go straight to Gotemba Factory Outlet. A big open air factory outlet located at Shizuoka Prefecture with magnificent scenery. Who doesn't love a lot of outlet to be wander around, a lot of snacks and food stall, and a good scenery (including Mt Fuji) combined in one place? In Gotemba Factory Outlet you could find a bunch of branded outlet from Prada to Adidas. Anyway, my brother wants to buy one of Adidas collection so we went into their outlet. Since the price is in Yen so it doesn't differ much from one in Indonesia, but we could almost find a complete collection there. And of course, no, you don't have to go all the way to Japan to buy Adidas, do first check Adidas page at Zalora since it is easier and they will deliver it right to your door step!

Lake Kawaguchi's Surrounding

Kawaguchi Koryu Hotel

We sleep in Lake Kawaguchi area since the itinerary for the next day is around Mt Fuji and Shibazakura Festival which is close from Lake Kawaguchi. Lake Kawaguchi itself is one of five lake which spread around Mt Fuji. We got tatami sytle room, a traditional bedding room of Japan with floor mat instead of regular bed. I love learning Japan traditional culture! Beside sleeping in tatami style, almost all of the hotel around Lake Kawaguchi provide onsen, including ours. In Japan, it is a common rule that once you enjoy onsen, you have to bath without any garments in your body, because if you use towel, for example, they believe that the towel is able to transfer your body's sweat to the onsen and that will be quite unhealthy for the other person in the onsen. Want to try to bath in the onsen already? :)

Kaiseki at Traditional Dinner Ceremony in our hotel

Dinner Ceremony wearing Yukata

Because we sleep in traditional hotel, in Japan it is called Ryokan, we were able to enjoy a traditional dinner ceremony, eating Kaiseki, a traditional set menu of various Japanese cuisine each provided in small portions while wearing Yukata, traditional casual Japanese dress. Once wearing Yukata don't forget to place the left side above the right side, because if you place the right side above the left side it means you attend a grieve ceremony. One thing that touch my heart the most, is in every Ryokan they still doing this traditional culture: when you are about to leave the hotel and end your stay there, all of the staff will take you to the gate and waving a goodbye, all of the staff. Such a great hospitality, right? So, it is true that travel will open your eyes to the things you haven't known before that it is ever exist, I suppose?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fashion Week Galore

Every blogger's dream? Going to fashion week of course! I can even imagine how exciting it is, me packing the best dress I have for my fashion week agenda, flying from New York to Milan and then to Paris, get tired of jet lag but also unexceptionally happy to witness history, walk in the crowded venue and accidentally bump into famous fashion bloggers, models, photographers! Haha enough with the dream anyway...

Well, since I can't attend the fashion week (yet, hehe), one thing that I can do is follow the update on it at both magazine and social media. Speaking about the street style, I found some street style which is happening at the fashion week, from New York to Milan, and here it is:

Simple midi skirt combined with patterned top, sleek white shirt, or matching top. Simply sophisticated! 

Simple outfit will be the center of attention when you combine it with eye catching outerwear.

This is the style I love the most. Simple graphic tees once combine with the perfect skirt, simple make up and sleek & natural hairdo, will be more than beautifully proper to be showed off at fashion week. 

So, just like usual, after finding some inspiration, I usually will browse through online store just to check that maybe there will be some collection available which I can purchase. And luckily I found some collection which will help me to dress just as cool as the street style people who attend the fashion week!

Simple yet unexceptionally sophisticated skirt, totally worth to be worn at Fashion Week: Jamie's Party Skirt by Partyskirts, Cheap and Chic Eye Skirt by Moschino, Skirt with Flounce Hem by DKNY

Without having to try hard to choose dress or bottom&top which will catch attention, with only simple dress once we wear this outerwear, we will instantly be the center of attention: Wool Jacket by Moschino, Mirrored Coat by Gareth Pugh, Karloff Check Coat by Rachel Comey

Of course I never thought before that simple graphic tees will look that stylish. But well it is, and at least we have to give it a try: Giacomo Bonjour Sweatshirt by AIKO, Fearless Crop Top by Spiritual Gangster, Off to Europe Long Sleeve Top by Wildfox Couture

Anyway you can easily click and there will be other plenty outfit which is as great as the fashion week street style outfit. Now, let's get ourselves ready to try every way possible which will bring us to fashion week's front row, shall we?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Keep Updated and In Style on Busy Days

Lately, I have been a little busy in the hospital. Fyi, now I am doing my clinical education to be a dentist (I think I almost never mention it, right?). So, when I got home I will be in a drained battery mode and have no appetite to open my notebook just to read the latest news. After this condition happened for about a month, I think it's the time for me to change, because I start to not be able to catch up, well just sharing some latest news, latest trends, latest gossip, with my friends while we hang out. So, I decided to maximize my phone while having just a little break within my daily routines. Phone apps like instagram and flipboard are my bestfriend now!

So, I am beyond happy when I discover Shopbop's phone application in the app store, I just download it right away without thinking.

The phone app pretty much resembles the web version of, but easier and simpler. When I open the application I have no difficulties in the way of using it because its familiarity with the web. I can easily check the lookbook section while in dire need of some inspirations and I can even easily shop with one simple click at the item that I love! 

Beside phone app, Shopbop's account is also one of my favorite feeds to check in instagram. It is always up to date, and sometimes the quote they post just simply brighten up my days. These days, fashion week is on the run and Shopbop always update the news of their fashion director while she attending the fashion week, from New York to Paris. I am a happy kid since I can keep updated on fashion week news in between my busy days yay!

From Shopbop's instagram account, I start to notice their fashion director Elle Strauss and start to love the way she dress. Fortunately, when I check, they display Elle's items choices. Now I can easily steal her look, eh? :P

You wiil see J.W Anderson's skirt, Maison Martin Margiela's boots, until Alexander Wang's clutch in the Elle's pick. I love Shopbop fashion editor's pick! Don't you curious of her pick too? Well you can rush to open Shopbop's web or click the link above. Have fun, then!