Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Sunshine

Now that holiday is waiting to be spent, traveling is one lesson form I'm always eager to learn. Some people may say you can forget style for a while on traveling since it is more comfortable and easy breezy in short and tees. But for me, style is character. I like to keep my style because it shows who I am. Style is not only about fashion, it is a form of my mind which is open to public and even stranger could easily calculate.

So, since I like too keep in style while traveling, I have been browsing some online website to search for something to wear in my traveling journey. And guess what? I stumble into this choices and I can't decide which to buy oh I want to buy them all so bad!

Well, which one you think is the best for me? Can you help me to choose? Anyway, you can directly click the brands above and you will directed to the site where I found them, Shopbop is a part of Amazon group which provide us a wide range of clothing and designer brands. Well, well, well you probably heard a lot about site like this, but this site is not the same, at all! I used to be afraid just to browse through international website since I know that it will be difficult to deal with imported clothing in our beloved country, Indonesia. But, I just found out that Shopbop is known for its great customer service so there's no need for me to be afraid because I can always contact them for whatever question I have in my mind. Beside that, Shopbop have their own designated carrier in a lot of countries, including Indonesia, which will take care of our taxes and custom duties! How cool is that! All I have to do is one easy click on the item I love, check my chart out, then choose delivery method with Express Delivery with Shopbop Global and directly pay my import taxes together with my shopping item and tadaaa! my package will come to my door. It looks like it's such a comfortable and easy way of shopping because I don't need to deal with customs officer anymore since Shopbop place their designated carrier for  me, oh thank you Shopbop! You can read about this term HERE.

So, from few of my style preferences above, are you already able to judge how my character is? Well, I love simplicity and basic stuff. I believe once simplicity and basic stuff combined perfectly with a contained mind and strong point of view, the style itself will stand out and no luxurious things can compete with it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Malaysia (Part Three)

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This time I'm gonna review all of the food I tried during my 3-days stay at Malaysia. Be ready to really want to go to Malaysia as soon as you finished read this post! 

Yong Tau Fu at Food Republic, Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang

Yong Tau Fu is a chinese soup dish you could also easily find in Singapore. A various kind of seafood based frozen food is displayed alongside with a lot of vegetable choices. Once we chose our food, the chef boil it in a soup broth then after finished we can enjoy Yong Tau Fu with various kind of sauces. According to me, Yong Tau Fu in Singapore and Malaysia usually do taste better than the one I found in Jakarta.

Tom Yum Fish Head at Restoran Gou Lou, Jalan Alor

On our second day in the city, we wake up early and were willing to have breakfast before heading to Melacca City. So we walked to Jalan Alor just behind our hotel, My Hotel. Not so many restaurant which is open in the morning but luckily we found this Restoran Gou Lou which serve noodle with fish head with 3 choices of broth (tom yum, clear soup, and milk soup). I choose mee hoon with fish head and tom yum broth and the taste is divine and oh so delicious! Even the mee hoon was already taste like tom yum without me eating the broth.

Ochado, 27 Lorong Hang Jebat, Melacca City

We walked and walked around Red Square at Melacca City and feel so thirsty but luckily we found this milk tea store in the corner of the street. We bought their Roasted Milk Tea and what I love about it is the tea taste strong! 

Mc Donald's, Melaka Sentral

The funny thing is, when we wanted to go back to Kuala Lumpur, the bus ticket back to KL was all sold out except this one bus at 11.30 pm while we already ready to go back at 6 pm. So we have to wait for 5 and a half hour before we could go back to KL and there aren't so many convenience place to stay except Mc Donald's so there we were! At least we could taste Pai Epal which isn't available in Indonesia.

Restaurant Meng Kee Grill Fish, Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

After two and a half hour safe journey we finally arrived back at Kuala Lumpur and after taking a break for a moment in the hotel we decided to enjoy food in Jalan Alor again, at 1.00 am! We decided to try this grilled fish, sauteed kale, and tom yum fried rice. Although we have to pay around 57 ringgit for all of that food, it was all tasted so delicious especially the tom yum fried rice and the grilled fish's sauce! Yum!

Tous Les Jours, Bukit Bintang

Finally it was our last day at Malaysia and we spent the last day at Bukit Bintang, doing window shopping and try some cafe and restaurant. For breakfast we love to enjoy it with coffee, plain croissant, and a spot in the corner of Tous Les Jours with big window which serve the view of busy and buzzing intersection at Bukit Bintang. It was a really memorable breakfast, I supposed. 

Snowflake, Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang

Who wouldn't love taiwanese dessert? Especially after a long walk while traveling? They say this is the best taiwanese dessert in Malaysia? But I don't know, maybe you could give me another name which you think is as delicious as Snowflake or maybe better than this?

Heritage Food Village and Isetan Food Market, Basement Level of Lot 10, Bukit Bintang

This is a place where a lot of traditional food stall come together in one convenience ambience oh I can not describe how much I love it. There are a lot of choices and all looks so yummy! It took us half an hour to finally choose that BBQ duck and prawn mee and we did satisfied with the taste. But the most important thing is you will find Isetan Food Market inside this place and a showcase full of sushi will make your mouth water and your eyes shine! We bought kani maki, yes, just a standard sushi, but I swear I never taste something better than that. The rice melted perfectly and the nori tasted great! It is a must try I can say. 

At the airport in the evening, I tried Old Town White Coffee, well I may say it tasted just the same as another kopitiam but they served their food super fast and I appreciate that! So, how? Are you craving to go to Malaysia like, right now? 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Malaysia (Part Two)

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Done with Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, we walked a little bit further around the surrounding and accidentally found Kuala Lumpur Textile Museum, a place that wasn't listed on our itinerary in the first place. But well since we still got quite much time and the admission fee is free, we decided to enter the museum anyway. The museum was about Malaysia's traditional textile and the story of the making process described with artistic displays, documentary videos, and digital stories. I think every country supposed to do this, a simple idea yet supported by a great execution.

Then we moved to our next destination, Central Market. For us, Central Market was quite reachable on foot from Kuala Lumpur Textile Museum. Once you walk and notice a light blue building from a distance you can be sure that you have found Central Market. The market is neat and air conditioned and sell various souvenirs in a cheap price. Just beside Central Market, there is also a market called Kasturi Walk. There you could find various kind of Malaysia street snack, yum yum!

We loveee to try food! And Malaysia possess the best diverse culinary world because the diversity in  its society's ethnic. It feels like I want to jump into every restaurant I found! We tried Restoran Yusoof dan Zakhir just outside Central Market. And that was bread with curry sauce, beef masala, and of course teh tarik. For me, it's easy to feel full once I consume this kind of food. Even though I like spicy and lighter menus better, but this one is a must try!

China Town is within walking distance from Central Market so we directly go to China Town once finished with our food at Restoran Yusoof dan Zakhir. It sells cheap souvenirs & goodies, but the best is the street food! When I walked along China Town, I saw a lot of tourist enjoyed their meal and beer along the restaurant at China Town's street. And we tried this Portuguese Grill Fish booth which catch our attention. We ordered Portuguese Grilled Clam and it tastes like heaven I can't get enough of it! :'-)

We closed our day at Kuala Lumpur City Centre gazing at Petronas Tower which shine so bright. At Kuala Lumpur City Centre, you could also find a mall called Suria. We did a little window shopping there, then have a quick rest just outside the mall right at the park which have a magnificent fountain. It's easy to fall in love with a city even when it is your first time visiting, isn't it?

Next post: Kuala Lumpur Cuisine.