Valonia Irene is an INTJ lady, a DDS and currently practicing in the field of dentistry. But aside of her duty as a dentist, she is a passionate person in arts, fashion, and business. Her passion in art has made her enjoying her spare time practicing ballet or taking photographs while she is wandering around enjoying the neighbourhood. 

Her passion in fashion and business has bringing the idea to her to start a clothing line with her partner back then at 2011. VASH is a clothing line which is focusing on basic outfit. With the affection of design, colours, art, and freedom, VASH willing to give collections of clothing to the degree that show its perspective of how fabulous basic outfit is. On September 2011, VASH was featured at NYLON Indonesia magazine, a proof that this clothing line is worth considering. The existence and the quality of VASH also has been proven through several bazaar it's participated, some of them are Next Level 2012 at Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta; Trademark Bandung 2012 at Paris Van Java, Bandung; and Evolution 2012 at Lenmarc, Surabaya. 

Her passion in fashion also making her to be a dedicated person in the fashion world. She has been a fashion blogger since 2009. As the time goes by and as she grows, her preference in fashion is also developing, to be better hopefully. She has found out that she loves anything simple, vintage, and classic

She had been a fashion article contributor at for its monthly issue. You could read her complete writings HERE. She also had been an invitee at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2013, where she could attend a lot of its designer list fashion show, such as Anne Avantie, Dian Pelangi, Priyo Oktaviano, etc. Last but not least, she is a passionate learner who is willing to always learn and to always be better. She is open for any opportunity the world might surprise her. 

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