Friday, October 2, 2009

this and that

Hello everyone! I haven't post anything for this past few days because ,of course,my school stuff!huff this sooo frustrating.yeah because I'm now in the 3rd grade of high school and really have to prepare for UAN and university entry.hha forrget it laa!
But I'm very happy because I have 3 good news!

First,my friends give me lot of things from their holiday!yay!thank you soo much!I love you all :)

shirt(Le’ Goub ),skirt(friend's gift),belt(unbranded),sandals(unbranded),necklace(D.I.Y),bangles(friend's gift)


aaand look at this 3 bangles gift! I love it :)

And Second,I've got my first award from kak fika from sweet escape.Thank you soo much for choosing me to get this award :D
The award has some rules, they are:
1. we're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But, we can resized it.
2. Tell who gave U the award.
3.Choose 10 female blogger and tell why they deserve to get this award.
And I give it to:

Valencia Lia from roll up your sleeve,wynne prasetyo from fashion geeks closet,
venezia from the wardrobeland,Lilee from zebra and meerkat,jessica from the petite jessica,fannah from shiver me fantasy,jowy from I see jane mary,cody from cody june,michelle hendra from miss chelle,michelle from glisters and blisters,

Hey,why I choose them? because they're really hot!just like what this award said "hottest female blogger".hhe kidding.well I love all of you, your blog, your talent, your every words! and sometimes it makes me jealous because I can't be as good as all of ya hha!
aaand all of the people who mind to read my blog, you're all hot too!hhe.yeah,enough enough of this.

Now, the third good news is:
TODAY IS BATIK DAY! and all of student in my school have to wear this day :D
batik dress(batik keris),belt(hush puppies),jeans(unbranded),shoes(kulkith),bangles(friend's gift)

happy batik day everyone!let's love our batik :)


F i K a said...

DIY necklacenyaa baguuus :D..buat aq aja deeh ;)..hihihi
makasii yaa ud dipost ttg awardnya :D

michelle_ said...

you look very cheerful despite the pressure you're having from UAN.. pake baju nya masih warna cerah2 . haha .. kalo ak uda stress,, pake nya slalu warna netrall.. lg nga stress pun cenderung pk warna netral..hehehe..

i love the tartan skirt :)

valonia irene said...

kak fika:haha sama sama kaak makasih awardnya!

michelle:hha berusaha buat cheerful daripada dipikir bikin pusing.

tabita krismanawati said...

I already linked yours..
keep in touch ya :)

Valencia Lia said...

I'll sure to do another giveaway on brazilets soon. hahaha
Ohhhh and thanks so much for the award,very sweet of you girl <3 <3

I love your 1st outfit !!! With the beautiful skirt and really adorable necklace <3 Really stunning !

Velo said...

lucu banget roknya =)
iya ya maren itu batik day, pantesan kok semuanya pake batik. hehe
makasih ya, valonia... =D

yiqin; said...

The yellow belt is fab :)

mademoiselle indah said...

nice blog dear!;p

btw, visit me at:


Wynne Prasetyo said...

Ohh thank you so much for the award, means a lottt ((: will have it posted along with the pictures from hongkong (:
The bangles are very ethnic and attractive, love your diy necklace as well.
Aaa, thank you again! (:

lisa + cathy said...

thats such a cute DIY necklacee.
lilee blog is deawesomest!

Fashion Pix said...

Nice bracelets and the batik dress looks great on you!


Nice post, I have subscribed to your blog :)
I love that top model on the top of your page, what is her name? I can'r remember... :/

I invite you to get to know and become follower Maison Chaplin, the most stylish and glam fashion blog:

michellehendra said...

i love your necklace.. suka.. :)


valonia irene said...

tabita:okee keep in touch!

valencia:thank youu

velo:hehe samasama kakak :D

yiqin:thanks a bunch!

mademoiselle indah:makasih ! and I've visited you :D

wynne:hehe samasama kak !

lasa+cathy:thank you!

fashion pix:thanks so much

Maison chaplin:she's Irina lazareanu.I lovee her :D

michelle: makasiih :D

yiqin; said...

I have added you to my links <3

Kelsey Kaysen said...

your necklace is really cute
check out my blog if you have the chance

Fashion Pix said...

I forgot to respond on your comment, but I'd love to exchange links! I still don't have a blogroll but I'll definitely put yours in it!


Hello, thank you for the comment! I love the skirt, so original.

Maison Chaplin, the internationally recognized most stylish and glam fashion blog by some fashion houses! @ Lisbon Fashion Week

valonia irene said...

yiqin: so do i :)

kelsey: yup i have visited you :)

fashion pix: ok !

maison:thank you !

Sher said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Adding you to my blogroll too:)

I love your name, sounds so sweet:)

michelle_ said...

RE: ak jg kangen km uda lama nga bloggin ! nge-post lagii donngg ..even just a lil bit counts :)

Fabi Pina said...

wow looove your first outfit, you're so cute!
and congrats on your first award =)

Marie Claire said...

Lovely photos! That red skirt looks great! :)

Vina Sagita said...

kalungnya baguss

valonia irene said...

sher:thank you!

michelle: haha iaa blog aku jadi ga berkembang , blogmu udah jadi kereen bangeet suka :)

fabi pina: thank youu

marie claire: thanks so much!

vina sagita: hehe makasih! mau? I'll try to give some necklaces on my future future giveaways hhe

inge luciana said...

3 bangles are perfect! I really love the wooden bangle in the middle. love it