Friday, October 30, 2009

lucky number SEVEN

my favourite seven photoshoot
Audrey Hepburn , this is such an everlasting photograph.

2. Ashley Olsen , oh gosh she's sooo beautiful aaand natural!


3.Irina Lazareanu, of course. She's my favourite model . oh so sexy and natural :)

4.Audrey Hepburn. yes, again hhe .

5.Kate Moss and Sasha Pivovarova . uh soo fab!


. Blake Lively and Leighton Meester . just one word : HOT!

7.Audrey Hepburn . she's just so amazing right?


Hey which one do you like, girls? just tell me okay hha or maybe you think this photograph weren't that great.

ps.sorry for not post anything for sooo long. this mid - test and every other test in 12th grade just slowly would kill me! arrrgh, wish me luck in this grade oke :)

love you all muah!


Valencia Lia said...

I love love all these photos !!

Beautiful and I love all of them,style icons to follow for sure :)

Shopper said...

That photos are great!

Sabila Anata said...

hey :)
jangan lupa untuk ikutan giveaways at my blog yaaaa :))

Vina Sagita said...

i love Irina! :)

Anonymous said...



vicen said...

Thanks for following my blog, this award is for you.


michelle_ said...

akhirnya ke post ! haha
i just kno that the longchamp ad was kate moss and sasha . i thought they were both kate moss !

C said...

i love everytime blake and leighton appear together in an editorial. they look amazing together and always having fun.

Stjarna said...

Lovely blog!! and also this photos are fabolous!! ;)

valonia irene said...

all: thank you so much yaa!

sabila:oke aku ikut giveaways kamu :)

michelle: hhe iaaah ya mereka berdua emang mirip banget di foto ini hhi

valonia irene said...

c: yap! I really love blake and leighton :)

fashionpickles said...

Hey! I would love to exchange links :) your blog is great!

Velire said... fave number.. must agree all those pics are amazing indeed..Audrey hepburn is just a classic woman, endless style. :)

I adore B. and L. the otufits they were are amazing. In the show n out. :)

Lovin' your blog. Hope you dont mind I post it on my blogroll :)

XoXo, Vera

Denise said...

I Am Denise Katipunera

Thank God for Audry. The world is never the same.

i love your blog. Super cute. And i am just falling in love with your chunky necklaces. They're all so pretty.

I Am Denise Katipunera

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comment darl ;)
hope you keep coming backk

onic said...

Irina Lazareanu is the it girl ;]

sure, i'd love to exchange link. i already add your link on my blog. please do same ;]

valonia irene said...

fashion pickles: thank you!

vera:of course you can add my blog to your blogroll thak youu :)

Denise:thank you, love yours too :)

michelle: just wait! hha :D

onic: I've added you to my blogroll :)