Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the old and the sale

yeaaah! I'm back! finally I can feel oh this so refreshing air in my hometown. actually I hate my grandma's house(sorry :P) ,it was soooo hot!
well well not much story about it.Just the same thing we did every eid day, tha gathering stuff etc. But the good news is, I found this cute thing in my mom's old closet there!
I like it, how about you?

aaand, when i went to perfume shop, they got sale! and I got this ulric de varens perfume .Looove it :)
not so familiar brand maybe? but I just love the smell :)


Fabi Pina said...

hey Irene!love your blog, too! And would love to exchange links with you. =) sorry I took a while to respond, I've been quite distracted due to some political issues in my country that are causing chaos. =(
stay in touch!


Fabi Pina said...

p.s. I am currently living at my grandma's me, you eventually learn to love it. :P

valonia irene said...

fabi:hha okeeokee I'm trying to learn it hhe .

Velo said...

yes, agree, i also love the orange blazer. =)

Fashion Pix said...

The blazer is nice, I like the color!

valonia irene said...

velo:yaaah I love it :D

fashion pix:thank you