Sunday, September 13, 2009

try out and try out

huff! as I'm now in the 3rd year of my high school so I'm getting sooo busy with school stuff. Try out test to prepare UAN and also SNMPTN to enter the university. I even still don't have idea where am i gonna continue my school. my parents ask me to continue to medical school , but actually I hate biology x( . I wanna go to School of business or something like that,well fashion business in Lasalle is my dream .
how about you, which one do you think is better, business or medical? hhe :)
and this is what I wore when I have a test in my course today.

shirt(unbranded),acid wash hawl(d.i.y),jeans(unbranded),bow necklace(d.i.y),bracelet(handmade),bag(juice),sandals(unbranded)

well, i try the tips on Gogirl! about tucked shirt only in front and i loove it! it looks rebel and fun :)


F i K a said...

hmm..I'll go to business school than medical..hehe
you need minimum 6 years to be a doctor, I think it just too long..hehe
just be a business woman and looking for a doctor as husband..hahaha

I agree about the tucked tips :)

CANDY DOLL said...

I love the bow necklace!

valonia irene said...

kak fika: hha yeay I'm totally agree with you! a doctor as a husband huumm

candy doll: thanks :)

Caroline Robianto said...

thanks for dropping by on my blog girl :)

valonia irene said...

caroline: your welcoome :)

beckyxoxo said...

you should go with business if you don't like biology :D and i love that necklace ! :)

michelle_ said...

I know that tip from GoGirl !
thanks for droping by my blog :)

by the way, i think its better to go to business school. It takes 6yrs to get a doctor title. while you can do business in as fast as 3 years for a bachelor.

you have a cool style !
mind if we exchange links? :)

Delmy said...

Sure I'll do a link exchange...
The bow necklace is adorable.
thanks for the sweet comment

valonia irene said...

becky: hha okeoke business :)

michelle:yeah! business is just 3 years that's why i want business!hhe sure we can exchange link :)

delmy:thank you too :)