Saturday, September 19, 2009

Minal Aidin wal Faidzin

hey! we can count down to Ied day now hhe.and as a "mudik" tradition of Indonesia when Ied day come, I will go to my grandma's house which is NO INTERNET CONNECTION in her house. Yah, because she live by only herself, and she even don't khow what internet is,soo she doesn't have this connection.Well, actually I can go to some hot spot area there,but it's impossible to post something,because I know that I'll be very bussy with family gathering stuff. So starting from today till,maybe wednesday,I can't post anything.And I just wanna say:

Sorry for all the mistakes that I made this all time and thank you sooo much for mind to read this not-so-interesting blog hhe.

me love you all :)

ps. can you guess which one is me in that photo?hha it's kinda weird for me when i'm wearing veil


F i K a said...

Minal aidin walfaidzin yaa velo..
met lebaran..
asiknya yg mudik..hehehe

F i K a said...

oops..I mean valo ;)..
hehe..maap sayang, salah ketik tadi..hihi

F i K a said...

anw,,kamu yg diujung pake jilbab biru bukaan? ;) banyak amat ya commentnya..hihi

beckyxoxo said...

happy ied ! :) and hope you have a nice holiday !

Valencia Lia said...

You all love so beautiful and happy holiday ! heeee

Ohhh let me guess. I hope I didn't get this wrong,but are you the one on the extreme right at the end ??

Lilee said...

cool photo!

michellehendra said...

:) pretty! :)


valonia irene said...

kak fika: haha iaa deh banyak banget komennya!iaa aku yg itu hehe

becky:thank you :) and yes that was a nice holiday hhe

valencia:Bingo! you're right! :)

Lilee:thank youu :)

michelle:thank you soo much :)