Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do love enjoy the time together

well, yesterday my dad held a dinner (buka puasa) with his staff and his friends.I enjooy it so :)
the dinner was so fun!but I can't upload the pict here because it's all still in my dad's staff camera.
so I just show you what I wore there .

dress(unbranded), blazer (Le Goub),necklace (pretty plum shop),tights(unbranded),shoes(kulkith)

well the fact is, It's easier to solve a problem by sit together, eat bowl of soup and drink cup of tea.that's why I really loove this kind of gathering :))


thesydneygirl said...

hi lovely you have a great blog too! added your link to my links page :) x

valonia irene said...

the sydney girl: thank you soo much :)

michelle_ said...

ahhh love ur blazer !

why doesnt ur mom allow u to go there ? nah it's not really like that . It's getting hard to find a job EVERYWHERE. there are so many graduates now a days, that competition is rising up easily.

Yeah, Lasalle can give u recommendations and internship programs for you. But everything comes back to yourself, like ur work ethics and all. A certificate does help, but your attitude matters more :)

by the way, mind to exchange links ?
I'll add u up now :)

valonia irene said...

michelle:yeah you're right it's hard to find a job everywhere hhe.I've already linked you anyway :)

beckyxoxo said...

i love this look dear ! lovely necklace :) and sure we can definitely exchange link ! :D

F i K a said...

naah..gini donk valo, fotonya lebih jelas ;)..blazernya baguus..

o iy,,ttg fashion tips gogirl..coba aja kamu email mba mora di

setau aq dia nyari banyak kontributor buat gogirl..krn 1 org cuma boleh kasih tips 8-9 ajaa..klo aq,awalnya ditawarin ama temenku yg kerja di gogirl say..

valonia irene said...

becky:thank youuu :)

kak fika: hhe iaah kaak kemaren masih bodo deh jadinya uplodnya engg pake photobucket hhe.I'm still learning to make everything better hhe

Valencia Lia said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog girl !

Loving your outfit here and your blazer !

Sure,we could exchange link ! Added you to my blogroll <3

michelle_ said...

thanks :)
keep in touch yah .
hope you'll do well in choosing ur majors .

valonia irene said...

valencia:thank you too :)

michelle: okeokee hehe I hope my mom allowed me go to business school :D