Friday, September 3, 2010


hello world! sorry for my lack of post nowdays :(
I've just so messed up huhu. everything is new and I need some times to getting used to this. the long distance relationship, well, I haven't ready yet to face that
. I miss my boyfriend already :(
and the new friends, I need some times to getting used to them. I need my old friend where I can freely share my feelings and my thought. but now since they study in different college in different city with me, I have to keep my thought by my self. the college thing, the freshmen orientation and every other things, also make me so tired.

okay so here it is, just my daily look hehe. hope you enjoy it yah guys! :)

long sleeved top (flashy), skirt(unbranded), belt(unbranded), scarf worn as belt(unbranded), shoes(unbranded), bag(flashy)



initial ring(loly poly), rose ring(smoothie)

anyway guys, don't forget to visit my shop BASIC here yaah :)


Kalyana Dewi said...

you look pretty :)

mind to exchange link ?

kesehaRian Ra-Kun said...

nice look :)

Becky Regina said...

Good luck for college ! Cute look , love your shoes and rings :)

Velire said...

I love your shoes dear! :)

Oh college can really do that you but dont let it be. You'll soon adjust and college can be such a wonderful time dear. :)

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

love your bow belt :)


ariyani sukma said...

Hello, I am ariyani from strawberry and banana pancake,
I've blog walking and found ur blog :D
I like ur blog, wanna link exchange?
Check and visit my blog :)
I like your basic collection (yg light grey) tp ak liat dh sold out :( huhu kira2 bakal re-stock ga?
Nice to know you btw
Smooch :)

Fenny said...

I love your skirt at second outfit. You looks so pretty.