Thursday, June 30, 2011

ups and downs

"life these days is getting rough, they've knock you down and beat you up, but it's just a roller coaster anyway"
(maroon 5-better that we break)

well, yesterday is the announcement day, and it turns out that I ain't accepted in business school. down for a moment, dissapointed with my self. feel so stupid, thought I wasn't prepare it quite well.
then all of my friends and boyf said that I've tried my best, they saw how I struggled.
well, guess, God has another plan for me, huh? quite cliche but I'll try to believe it anyway, what's your plan for me God? I'm kind of excited!

I'm gonna beat this situation, I'll show you my best performance , God! you'll be surprised! :)


Fivyolen Qiu said...

nice post :) xx

little miss olen ♥

Dana Paramita said...

i know how t fell cause it happened to me, too sweety :') never gve up, keep smiling!
anyway check mine if you have a chance ;)