Saturday, October 8, 2011


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yesterday suddenly I curious about what my name means. then, I google it and look what I found!
"Valonia is a Latin word means shallow valley.
Irene is a Greek word means peaceful.
Nugraheni, actually is a combined name from nugroho and heni (my father and mother's name) means an inspirational, idealistic nature."
so, I try to conclude it and I think it works this way: imagine a valley, how good its scenery and its air must be, and even this valley is peaceful so then you would be inspired everytime you're in this valley. maybe my mom and dad want me to be a person who can bring a good influence, inspire, and bring peace to others or even to the world. hmm quite good name! hehe.

and again I found what my name means in numerology way. my name represent number 6, and number 6 represent responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, symphaty. well well that's what my name means, what's yours? :)

and these are photos from first day of my last holiday with okta, manda, and ibi, not an outfit post actually, I just wore my simple outfit for holiday, guess where is it?




top (giordano), scarf (unbranded), jeans (unbranded), shoes (crocs), bag (mango)

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Irene Wibowo said...

oh i just know the meaning of IRENE name.. My name is irene.. its true a peacefull? :) Nice.. :)