Friday, February 8, 2013

histories outside the class

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ullen sentalu is an abbreviation for "ulating blencong sejatine tataraning lumaku". those are javanese language which means "the light of blencong lamp is a guide for people to live their life". blencong lamp itself, is a lamp which is usually seen during wayang kulit. oh, where do I know about this kind of story? well, I've visited a museum in kaliurang, Yogyakarta which the name is Ullen Sentalu Museum.

I guess some of you will picturing museum as a boring place, the same as how we usually picturing history lesson in the classroom. but, in this museum, I bet you won't ever feel bored! this museum doesn't give labels and stories written near the historical objects they had. they use tour guide. so if you want to know the whole history and meaning of an object, you have to listen to your tour guide while they are telling stories to you. this museum tells us about the life and the culture of the royal family, but mostly it tells us about how great and educated royal women are. interesting enough, eh? try to browse their website HERE.

me inside ullen sentalu museum.
dress (tailor-made), bag (charles and keith), sandals (unbranded), watch (swatch)

have you ever watched Ramayana Ballet while visiting Yogyakarta? well, this is also one of the must-visit-list! a spectacular ballet which is performed with Prambanan Temple as the background. sounds interesting, right?

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