Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wandering Around (Part III)

Second day
So, more than half of my second day in Singapore was filled with Universal Studio experience. Although this theme park is not super huge, but the themed attractions are all really worth exploring until you will forget how much time you've spend on it. For a little brief introduction, this Universal Studio Singapore (USS) is consist of seven zones, which are Hollywood, New york, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. For more complete info, of course you can visit its website HERE.

Me and my friends went to USS by taking a monorel called Sentosa Express from Vivo City costs SGD3 for all access through Sentosa Island. Well, actually you could also take a cable car to go to Sentosa, but it costs much and luckily I have ever took that cable car on my 2008 student exchange to Singapore :P

Top (H&M), Jeans (Cheap Monday), Sandals (Unbranded), Bag (Guess)

So, right after entering the entrance gate of USS, you will be in Hollywood zone. You will find Hollywood Walk of Fame, Cafe and Bakery, Candy Store, and USS merchandise store. Of course, all of them are located in a great exterior which you could never get enough of!

It was a rainy day, so we had to wear raincoat when entering outdoor area

If you turn right, the next zone is New York. Yes, as what the movie shows us, you will find famous landmark of New York in this zone, like New York Public Library and New York's Apartment. I can't get enough of taking pictures in this zone! But aside from that, the great attraction in this zone is called "Light, Camera, Action" by Steven Spielberg. Right after I entered this attraction, there is this 3D stage which become a setting of major hurricane that happen in New York. Too bad I couldn't catch the attraction on my camera since it includes waters that can harm electronic devices.

Next, we were at Sci-fi City zone where you could find this oh-so-famous Battlestar Galactica and Transformer The Ride! One thing I adore about USS is that this theme park has a really good technology. The attractions are actually quite simple, but nevertheless it tooks a great technology to make it works. 

The next zone is Ancient Egypt and it turns out I didn't capture any photos in this zone, pardon me, please? :P

At The Lost World zone, I watch a theatrical attraction called Water World. In this attraction, you will see a real mini helicopter fly! Sounds really interesting, right?

Far Far Away zone is magical. You will find this beautiful castle and other attractions with Shrek as its theme. A fan of Shrek? There is a merchandise shop in this zone and all is about Shrek, hurrah!

Madagascar zone is fun! Me and my friends join on its crate adventure on a river boat and meet Madagascar character along the way. This attraction contains bubble soap and fog, well it's all about fun!

After finished with USS, we ate at Vivo City Moslem Canteen and I found my favorite dish in Singapore: Yong Tau Foo with Laksa

And finally, as this second day closing, we went to Marina Bay Sands Skypark (costs SGD20) to soothe ourselves with this magnificent view of Singapore city light. Everywhere I go, I could never be able to resist enjoying city light. There is always something soothing about watching city light. It feels like even when you're enjoying this view in a solitude, you actually are not alone. 

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien

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