Saturday, August 30, 2014

Easy Breezy International Shopping in One Click

Been putting my eyes on this Kate Spade flat shoes at for quite a while and finally decided to buy it even if at first I often feel hesitant about international shopping.

So, to be honest, that was my first experience doing international shopping and the one and only site who can make me believe in them is How can't I not trust in them? While in doubt choosing the size for my shoes, I immediately email them for assistance and their customer service reply me just in a short time with a very clear explanation. My first impression is: their service is great and most importantly, fast. So, after being sure about the size, I start to shop.

1. I click my size and click "add to cart". Then the small window appear and I click "check out".

2. I review my shopping item and click "check out".

3. I came to Shipping page then choose "free express delivery with customs and duties deposit" shipping method. This means, I have to add extra money (calculated based on my country's tax payment) for deposit so Shopbop's designated carrier in Indonesia can take care of my customs and duties, so I don't have to take care of any customs and duties by my self, yay!

4. My total shopping and customs and duties payment are shown, then I click "continue" to go to payment method page.

5. Because I happen to have gift certificate, I click it :P Then I choose the type of credit card I use.

6. I put my credit card data and click "save".

7. My credit card data is being shown, then I click "continue" to go to confirmation page.

8. After reviewing all the data and make sure all is right, I click "place order" and tadaaa my order is complete. 

9. The most amazing thing is, in about only half an hour later, I receive an email from that my package have been shipped and they give me the tracking code and the last time I check it my package is already in Hong Kong! Yay I can not wait for my package to be arrived in Indonesia :D

Now I am asking, do any of you still feel hesitant about international shopping? I suggest you have to try to shop at and I can guarantee that you will be addicted to do international shopping if you know how easy and safe the process is. Happy shopping! 

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