Friday, January 30, 2015

25 Facts About Me

Lately, there had been a sort of mini quiz in instagram where people are tagging and daring each other to post 25 facts about themselves. Now that there are some thoughts going on in my mind I think I better to give it a try to write 25 facts about me. But rather than to describe it in a usual boring essay, I prefer to write it in a Q&A mode and leave the end conclusion in your hands, fair enough? Here we go, then...

  1. If I could be reborn again, what do I want to be? Artist, or writer.
  2. Which city I'd like to live? New York.
  3. Goals of my life? To travel around the world, literally. I'll even put Arctic in my list, not only West Europe or New Zealand.
  4. Paris or Prague? Prague.
  5. Favourite place that I'd been visiting? Downtown of Tokyo, seeing hundreds of pedestrian cross the street in Shinjuku, quite a view.
  6. Latest issue which I care about? Women empowerment. All hail Emma Watson with her #Heforshe.
  7. What do I value the most in a person? Beauty or brain? Both. I judge book by its cover and its author.
  8. Brain or manner? Both. It is simply intertwined.
  9. What do me and my inner circle talk about at lunch? Medical stuff (absolutely boring), a little gossip, but this is what I love: we could discuss racism, gender equality, and even religion latest issues. My friends do have quality, I respect them.
  10. What do I see in a man? Effort, truth, integrity, pride, humor.
  11. Things men do which will turn me off in an instant? Uninteresting conversation.
  12. Ability which I should thank god for having it? Able to think clearly and calmly in a critical condition. 
  13. Grudge or forgiveness? Forgiveness, I can't get mad easily, or can't get mad at all, sort of my weakness. 
  14. Up to date or timeless? Timeless.
  15. Pants or shorts? Neither.
  16. Skirts or dresses? Dresses.
  17. Agent Provocateur or Victoria's Secret? Agent Provocateur.
  18. Kinokuniya or Kate Spade? Kinokuniya.
  19. Jane Austen or John Green? Jane Austen, for God's sake. 
  20. Do I have some sort of role model? Emma from Jane Austen's novel, oh and my father.
  21. Do I have favourite director? Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Richard Linklater and Christopher Nolan.
  22. How about favourite movie? Before Sunrise.
  23. Favourite quote of my favourite movie? "You know my parents have never really spoken of the possibility of my falling in love, getting married, or having children. Even as a little girl they wanted me to think of a future career. It was this constant conversion of my fanciful ambition into these practical, money-making ventures."
  24. Which I prefer to do while waiting? Checking on my phone or reading Haruki Murakami? Reading.
  25. Formal education or informal learning? Both. Formal education makes people clever and gives us knowledge, informal learning gives us wisdom so we know what to do with our knowledge, wisely.

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