Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Staycation: Tanjung Kodok Beach Resort

Jalan Tuban-Gresik, Paciran, Lamongan
East Java, 62264
Phone (+62322) 666 000
Price upon booking (Dec 2017) Idr 1.700.000 (USD 127)

Unlike our usual winter holiday, me and my family spent our last christmas holiday by staying at a beach resort not so far from our hometown, only about three and a half hour driving. This resort has been operating for quite a long time but apparently we just got the chance to visit it. There is no white long sandy beaches along its shoreline so I first thought that the surroundings will not be too spectacular, but I found that I was wrong. Combined with the beautiful architecture of the resort it was a great facilities to enjoy a staycation while breathing the sea air. 

The rooms are overlooking the sea with balcony in each of it, not to mention the bed is overlooking the big window. When I woke up I could see the beautiful horizon in front of me. I would say that this resort has a great facilities; a beautiful architecture, a pool overlooking the ocean, a gym, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and when we stay at the hotel we also get free ticket entrance to Wisata Bahari Lamongan (an amusement park beside this resort), but I did not feel satisfied with their service.

We got free dinner and it was said that the dinner would be available at 7 pm. When I arrived at the restaurant at 7 pm, a lot of the menus on the buffet are already unavailable anymore and there were a lot of dirty tables with glasses and plates that were not been taken care of. Speaking of the key of a great hotel is service, right? And at the pool there was an announcement board which say the pool open until 9 pm, but when I got there at 8 pm the pool was already closed. Why do this misinformation could happenned? 

So, I give this hotel rate 2.5 out of 5 stars. It is okay to go here when you need a quick staycation but when I have a longer off days I think I prefer to go to Bali for I haven't once found flaws about hotel service in Bali. 

Top (Tailor-made), Pants (This is April), Shoes (American Eagle at Payless)

Wisata Bahari Lamongan (an Amusement Park on The Shoreline)
Jalan Raya Paciran, Paciran, Lamongan
East Java, 62264
Phone (+62322) 666 111
Entrance fee: idr 60.000 (USD 4.5) weekdays, idr 80.000 (USD 6) weekend

Because we got free tickets to enter Wisata Bahari Lamongan, an amusement park on the shoreline located beside this resort, we decided to spend a little time wandering around this amusement park. I have ever visited this amusement park once when I was still in middle school so I almost forget about it. 

When we first entered the park it was still quiet in the morning, we visited its 3d cinema and 3d trick arts museum first. The 3d cinema is already quite old but if you go there with children they will like it anyway. After one hour suddenly it was already so crowded with people, of course, it was a long school holiday. So, it was impossible for us to enjoy rides available there for the queue was sooo looong. So we decided to just wandering around and enjoyed the breeze along its shoreline. Look at the picture above, the location of this amusement park is just beautiful, right?

But do not expect the spectacular rides like the ones in Trans Studio or moreover Universal Studios, heheheh. Nothing spectacular with advanced technology here, but I think if we open our mind, be present and enjoy the moment with our loved ones, this one is enough to seize our day with happiness :)  

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