Friday, July 6, 2018

🕉️ ~ Om

🕉️ ring (Yin Jewelry For The Soul), Buddha bracelet (bought at one little shop at Gili Air),
Dress (This is April), Sandals (bought at one little shop at Ubud), Sunglasses (Giordano)

🕉️ is a sacred sound and symbol both in Hinduism and Buddhism. My trip to Tibet and Nepal made me love both Hinduism's and Buddhism's core spirit and way of life more and more each day. For it only means good and brings peace to my soul. A lot of mantra begins with this symbol. And as for the meaning, it might be various. From "the infinite language, the infinite knowledge", "essence of breath, life, everything that exists", until "with which one is liberated".

But no matter which meaning we mean when reciting this mantra, it only means good. And how happy I was when I found this little jewelry shop at one corner of Gili Air, Yin Jewelry for The Soul, and accidentaly found the ring. It is funny how bringing this symbol with me makes me feel like bringing good luck whenever I go. 

Oh and when I walk along the little alley at Gili Air I also stumbled upon a little souvenir shop and found The Buddha bracelet. It is funny how I found more of this jewelry with Hinduism and Buddhism symbol which I love, here in Nusa Tenggara just when I do not look for it. Yet when I looked for it in Tibet and Nepal the last time I traveled, I found none. 

Doesn't life work like that, too? What is meant for us will be ours. It might not always comes at the time we desire, at the time we want for it, at the time we look for it. But isn't when it is at the right space and continuum, then we finally will feel its presence without having to force anything? Might as well just, recite the positive mantra while enjoying the ride, then. 

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