Monday, August 24, 2009

accepted my shoes from kulkith!

hello all, i have ordered a batik shoes on kulkithand here is the shoes! love it so much! thanks for kak agnes tandia x)

and here are the pictures of me wearing this kulkith shoes x)

dress(unbranded),bow belt(ayumi),tights(unbranded),bag(roxy),
shoes(kulkith),bracelet(handmade),necklace(le' goub)


F i K a said... Reply To This Comment

what a nice kulkith shoes :D..
I have one kulkith shoes too :D

valonia irene said... Reply To This Comment

fika:thnks! i know your kulkith shoes!hha

Cookie said... Reply To This Comment

You look very sexy in nylons.
You should wear it more.
Great blog.