Sunday, August 16, 2009

went to B- Nite 2009

B-nite is Bhawikarsu night. which is the night to celebrate my school anniversary. this bhawikarsu nite is held every 8 august. and this year the theme is 80s. so i wear this outfit that i have just bought at morning 8 august hhe.

dress(unbranded), belt(unbranded),shoed(unbranded),bag(roxy)


Velo said...

style moe ucul banged beb.. hehe
thanks dah follow yaaa..
gue link kau di blog gue =)
btw, i love ur blog title. =)
nice to know u!

valonia irene said...

thanks velo! nice to know you too! hehe .

valonia irene said...
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