Saturday, December 5, 2009

off till about march 2010 x(

Due to UAN 2010 which will be held at march 15th - march 17th , I will be on hiatus.
heem so sorry ! I really haven't ready yet , i realize that. So I will try as hard as I can to be succeed in this UAN .

I really will miss this blog. I really will miss fashion thingy. But I must say good bye for a while hiks T.T
wish me luck on this UAN , please?

see ya 3 months later, girls
hope I'll be back with the best news!
love you all soooo much! :)


Shirley Wijaya said...

good luck hihi. i've linked you on my friend list :)

Denise said...

hurry back!

i love your style. just saw your blog today. have a lovely day gorgeous!


Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

goodluck yaaa!!!
smoga nilainya bagus2 =)