Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello , I'm kinda sick of missing you

hello bloggers, readers , all of you
I miss miss all of you so damn much ! Hey it looks like I'm gonna start blogging again now hhi :p
there are some good news that I haven't shared with all of you and now my heart kinda beats so fast and adrenaline rush crazily in my body while I'm writing each word in this blog :D
aaand the good news are :
first , I've been accepted in dentistry faculty of Brawijaya University , Malang .
second , I have my new dslr camera Nikon D3000 ! though this camera maybe isn't as good as yours , at least I can post better quality picture hhi
third , I've got my secret project with my mom about something named clothing line! wish me luck so I can make this project come true as soon as possible :D

okay, but one thing that I'm worried about, is about the national examination, the result well it hasn't been announced yet , so please wish me luck on this exam yaaah?
I wish I can pass this exam, I don't care about my score,because the most important thing is just pass this aaaand yah I can easily enter my dentistry faculty then .

by the way, finally I found this cute initial ring, I love it, hbu? :)

spotted : rose ring (naughty) , initial ring (loly poly)


F i K a said...

heyyy valo..apa kabaaar? welcome back to blogging world :)

congratulations for the college thing..hope you will be a great dentist one day :D

and a new camera?hwaaa..I'm drooling to a new one too :p..hahahaha

keep blogging val!!

The Starving Stylist said...

cute ring.

Tabitha said...

miss your post dear, setelah sekian lama ya.

love the yellow one! XD
LOVE, beauty splashes

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

congrats on the acceptance, love the yellow ring! xoxo

Sabila Anata said...

of course i remember you :) hehe
well yes i sooo hope the result is very satisfying
and welcome back too!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

cute rings! :)

aaa iyaa how did the uan go? selamat ya udah lulus nih ehem ehem :D

michelle_ said...

Yeaaahhhh ure back :) post some outfit pictures soon wit ur nikon please :) :)
I just gt my dslr I guess were equal ..hahha