Wednesday, April 14, 2010

coffee and cotton ink

night people, well yesterday me and my boyfriend went to local coffee shop and guess what? I wore my cotton ink infinity scarf! yaaaaay
I've tried sooo many way to wear this scarf and I love it sooo damn much!
It looks like from now on, I'm gonna post lots of my outfit wearing cotton ink infinity shawl till you get bored! hhe :D


spotted: cotton ink magenta boxy tee , cotton ink grey infinity scarf
look at the drappery of the scarf, oh I love it so much! How about you?


tee (unbranded) , infinity scarf (cottonink) , jeans (point one) , shoe (wondershoe) , bag (roxy) , black bracelet ( happygolucky), charm bracelet (unbranded)

a closer look of my wondershoe shoe

my boyfriend took this picture sorry for the bad focus hehe , he's still learning

ps I'm gonna show a closer look of my bracelet next time, sorry can't post it now :(


Tabitha said...

cute flat shoes :)
and love as always!
thanks for the comment..
LOVE, beauty splashes

Jessica said...

yeppp! love cotton ink also :D
bukan mr. freddy. beli di ol shop gituuu banyakk banged yg jual rose ring sekarang. ahahaha

moochelo said...

Haha love cotton ink very much :)

blogwalking?? visit mine kayy??

Melissa said...

love the scarf! we dont have cotton ink here in england :(


akaCola said...

that scarf looks beautiful! it look so silky!

Shirley Wijaya said...

cute cute cute :) i do love cotton ink :b

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

ubercute ! cotton ink is very adorable !!!