Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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some people, are just too afraid of disappointing other people if they don't act the way people want them to act. in their mind, others' happiness are always number one. but have you ever wonder? this is your life. and you really have the rights to also be happy, no matter what.
sometimes I think, we should stop always act the way people want us to act. we should stop always place others' feelings as number one priority. we deserve to be happy and do whatever we want to do. we, should really stop tolerate others' mistakes, and grant them as how they actually deserve. if they wrong, just say it. if they right, praise them.
because sometimes, not all things can be tolerated.

me and shella wearing VASH's DAYDREAM collection.

Shella: dress (Ariel in Black ), blazer (Marie in Black and White)
Me: dress (Annette in Claret and Dark Blue)