Monday, July 29, 2013

Joy Gryson and Marc Jacobs Atmosphere at Urban Icon

Wise girl once said, "Whoever says money can't buy happiness, simply don't know where to shop." And I think I might add, they might be don't know what to shop! Well, who can actually resist new comer at Urban Icon; consisting of Joy Gryson, IIIBeca, and Marc Jacobs? I can feel the atmosphere already, yay!

Ah! As you can see, texture plays an important role when it comes to Gryson designs. In many Gryson designs, mixed materials could be discover within one bag; grainy and smooth, matte and shiny, soft and hard. Who wouldn't love the bag designed by this amazing designer who have been working with Coach to Marc Jacobs? I can feel the Joy Gryson atmosphere already, and it also makes me think of New York! Edgy and fierce look of the design surely reminding me of New York, its lights, and its urban life. Lucky us now we can get this bag at Urban Icon online store HERE, or Urban Icon Store at Senayan City, Lippo Mall Kemang, Pondok Indah Mall 1, Grand Indonesia, Paris Van Java Bandung, and Beachwalk Mall Bali, yayyy!

Well, but sometimes I have to admit I do need bag which is lighter, simpler, but still bringing the urban atmosphere which will bring spirit into life. And those IIIBeCa bag are undeniably suit my needs very well! Another brand designed also by the talented Joy Gryson! Moreover, IIIBeCa has a very unique corporate mission which really catch my attention. The "III" in IIIBeCa represents the 3% of proceeds that are split between three charitable foundation; The 9/11 Foundation, The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, and Family Focus Adoption Centre. Can't wait to get your IIIBeCa? You can easily shop HERE, or rush to Urban Icon Store Senayan City, Lippo Mall Kemang, Pondok Indah Mall 1, Grand Indonesia, Paris Van Java Bandung, and Beachwalk Mall Bali!

Yeah, I know I know that a bag is never enough. We do still need to look for more of our favorite simple accessories which couldn't be less important than clothes; watches! And say hello to holiday's collection of Marc Jacobs which draws inspiration from the 20's and 30's. Who doesn't love the 20's and 30's? And now while The Great Gatsby Effect is still clinging around us since the movie released, the 20's and 30's bring the hottest trend! And look at those quirky animal which elegantly put into watches design, I'm in love at first sight! :'-) Anyway you can get those watches at all Urban Icon Store near you.


fhenny said...

adorable bags!
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Putri Ratu said...

Nice Bag! Where I can buy that one with cheaper price?

Ayu Dewi said...

@Putri Ratu, I just buy some bag like that at Zalora. Now they have special deal, discount 15%. I get this info from Save my money ^^

Anonymous said...

so lovely!

sweet and sugars,