Tuesday, September 10, 2013

About You and Happiness

Once I look back, into six years earlier, I could picturing all the fragments of the important phases in my life, and in your life.  I do still remember the excitement we shared, the day you were accepted in your undergraduate study. And today, you have done one more important phase in your life so, congratulation, you, for finally successfully achieve your undergraduate degree. Congratulation, you, for one step ahead into reaching the dreams you have dreamed about.

I am happy for you.

Today, I have learned one thing. That it is not easy to feel the bliss for someone you always share your happiness with, without being able to be physically present for them. Have you ever hide your sadness? Everybody ever does, I guess. Because sadness is one common thing which is basically not supposed to be exposed. But, have you ever hide your happiness? Not everybody ever does, I guess. Because happiness is supposed to be celebrated, happiness is supposed to be exposed. So, to sit here, apart from the one I wish I share the happiness with, to hold the thing which is supposed to be exposed, is not one easy task.

I wish you know how happy I am for you. Congratulation, my dear, bachelor of management!

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Rian Ra-kun said...

wish him good luck. And you too.