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Japan (Part Three)

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Even the parking area of Mt Fuji 5th Station has this beautiful view of snow and clouds

Komitake Shrine

In Japan, you could easily spot shrine almost in every corner of the country. And Komitake Shrine is no exception. Stand 2300 meters above sea level, at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, this shrine gloriously welcome me as I arrived there. Even if the weather was too cold for me since I am not wearing any coat, just a wool jacket, I can't stand my self not to explore the 5th station of Mt. Fuji. There, we could easily find magnificent view of cities below and clouds above! Well, is this how heaven look like?

Dress (Tailor-made), Jacket (Marks & Spencer), Tights (Marks & Spencer),
 Belt (Unbranded), Shoes (Yongki Komaladi), Wool Hat (Classic)

My mom with a really close view of Mt Fuji's peak

Melon Pan

Mt Fuji 5th Station hosts restaurants, shops which sell hiking stuff, and souvenir shops. For hiker, this is the last station where they could stock up foods and hiking gear, while for tourist, this is the last station in which we could see Mt Fuji's peak at the closest distance possible. I can't imagine how cold  it is in the peak, since I already find my nose hurt by the cold weather here. But nevertheless, the cold can't beat how happy I am to be able to explore this area! And I've been hearing about Japan's famous melon pan (which the most famous one can be found at a shop in Senso-ji Shrine in Tokyo), but accidentally found this in Mt Fuji do make me so happy. If I judge the book by its cover, then I could bet that those melon pan tastes divine. And what makes me even happier, it really does taste divine! Now I know why this snack is so famous, it is worth the fuss anyway.

Train Station at Kawaguchi

Have you ever spotted white sakura? I capture it on my way back from 5th station to Lake Kawaguchi

Where I ate lunch, a restaurant in the second floor of a souvenir shop which I do not remember the name, in Misaka-Michi Road

Ice cream booth at first floor of the restaurant

What I ate for lunch: sashimi, cold soba, and udon in the hot pot 

Shops along Misaka-Michi Road

After spent enough time at Mt Fuji's 5th station, we went back to Lake Kawaguchi to have lunch. We had our lunch in a restaurant in the second floor of a souvenir shop with glass wall so we were able to enjoy the view of Lake Kawaguchi while we ate, a memory I will cherish and miss for the rest of my life, definitely! And of course I did not want to waste my time by not strolling around Lake Kawaguchi. I walk along Misaka-Michi Road while enjoying its ambience. There are a lot of shops, mostly restaurant and gift shops around Lake Kawaguchi.


The super crowded pedestrian crossing in Shinjuku at night

Now off we go to the busy, buzzing, and crowded Shinjuku in Tokyo! We went back to Tokyo by bus, at the evening, my mom and me spent our time wander around Shinjuku. Just to enjoy the ambience, the crowded pedestrian walk, the buzzing and busy corner of Shinjuku, the never ending fashion, book, groceries shops, and all kind of restaurant on every corner of the street. Tokyo is just diverse, yet divine. I love the way I understand a little part of my self I never knew before, or found crazy ideas in the middle of places I am not familiar with, in the middle of strangers whom I don't even fluent in talking their languages. I guess it's true that some people say, travel is a journey to find ourselves while we're lost.

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