Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spend Wisely

Some people say, it is forbidden to spend too much money on complimentary stuff, such as fashion brands, or monthly traveling agenda. But, I agree to disagree. The one which forbidden is this: to not work as smart and as hard as we could to be able to enjoy the world. This is what I believe, it is okay to spend as much as I would, and could, as long as I also try my hardest to earn. Earn much, spend smart! So, since I believe I have work my ass off to earn, I deserve this shoes I get from Zalora, and a quick escape once in a while to enjoy the world. So there am I, on my last trip to Malaysia, standing in The Petronas Skybridge at 170 meters above street level, to enjoy the world. 

The Little Things She Needs (bought from Zalora)

Top (Tailor-made), Skirt (Tailor-made),
 Shoes (The Little Things She Needs bought from Zalora), Bag (Charles & Keith)

Speaking about spend smart, I just realize that this early month, Zalora is smartly held a Warehouse Clearance Sale! You could always get the best price from a Warehouse Sale, couldn't you? So, this is just the right time to spend wisely, after a long day of working hard! Since Zalora provide great brands in their store, and by that it means a great product, and now? With a great price! This is just the right time to spend, anyway. I feel like I have to rush to open Zalora's web now because it's only held between April 6th-12th, oh no! 

Go click Zalora Warehouse Clearance Sale now,  CLICK HERE!

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