Thursday, August 24, 2017

August, Milestones Month of Mine

Bouquet from Him

Bouquet from My Cousin

Cake from Ibu

Cake from My Cousin

Been two months since the last time I blogged. Where have I been? Suddenly it is August already and thank god everything goes quite well, actually. August always has been my milestones' month. I was born in August, I did agree to date my man in August, and this year I passed my Indonesian dentist competence test also in August. 

Yes that was why I've been missing these past two months, focusing my time and my mind for the test. Never have I expect that the good news will also come in August, well now I could say that it was a little gift from my self to me in this 25th birthday of mine, an unofficial title of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) finally! (The official will be after I say my hippocratic oath).

A lot has been happened these past 2 years and somehow it makes me get closer to Ibu. So, this year's birthday feel completely different because I feel like I know her more and she knows me more. We celebrate it in a very modest dinner yet we know that no matter what, we will always have each other's back and total support, for everything, thus we can be the best version of ourselves. 

Thank you Bank Jatim! All products from: The Body Shop

Also got a present from Bank Jatim. Have to thank them for being thoughtful enough in giving me body care products just in time when I ran out of them, haha. In my previous blog post about On (not so) Solo Travel to Bali I have mentioned that some debit or credit card will give you some benefit, you just have to check for one that fit you best. Do not settle for less if you could get more. Do not settle for conventional bank account if you could get a little extra benefit by their other products. For example this Jatim Prioritas I sign up for. I will not talk about investment or bank products here, you may check it in their website HERE.

What I'm trying to say is as we get older, like me now, I realise that I have to open my eyes more to another possibilities. I have to be smarter in choosing every basic needs for my life, thus I give my self the credits it deserved :P

A Quick Birthday Dinner with a View

Celebrate my birthday with my cousin (again) in an impulsive supper. At 9 pm we decided to go for some coffee and we ended up at this cafe, one hour drive from our home with a citylight view. The food and coffee here is not the best, but the moment we shared is perfect. Overviewing life in some  (intriguing) conversations over cups of coffee while thank God for the years he blessed us with, is the best kind of celebration.

That Happy Face upon Hearing my Favorite Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are :) 

One of Very Few Photos of Us (Along all these years!)

At weekend, me and my man attend Jazz Gunung and we could not be happier for its perfect timing. Just after my birthday, our anniversary, and the new title I got, and a quick refresh in between his hectic work, watching the saxophone and piano played under the constelations and cold weather felt perfectly comforting. 

Despite the hardships, a moment like this, is the perfect time to thank God for all the blessings he blesses us with and a reminder to enjoy this blessings in the best way possible.

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