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Winter in South Korea (Day Four)

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Spent the fourth day in South Korea wandering downtown Seoul which was so windy, the temperature was around 2 degrees celsius and even lower at night, around -4 degrees celsius... But I could not enjoy the walk more. 

1. National Folk Museum of Korea, admission fee: Free!

Visited National Folk Museum of Korea before hitting Gyeongbokgung Palace really early in the morning and felt glad about it. If only we went a little late it would be hard to enjoy the museum, since it would be so crowded. So, tips number one, visit this place early in the morning!  I did not have a chance to visit another museum or gallery in Seoul so clearly I can not compare it with another museum or gallery, but if you asked me was it worth it? I would say, yes it was!

Just like in another museum or gallery, spare minimum 2 hours of your time, because where is the fun in rushing in a museum? It is always best spent in a slow enjoyable pace while let our mind exploring. This museum presents artifacts that were used by Korean in their daily lives in the past. We can find Korean traditional's beliefs and their domestic & agricultural lifestyles. 

What I love the most is their ethical education and their range of traditional healing. At joseon era, people study about ethical education, setting a high moral standards about basic human relations. Women acquired information and knowledge by exchanging correspondence and reading books which have been translated into Korean, how cool is that? At that time! 

It was good visiting this museum before wandering around Gyeongbokgung Palace, learning people who lived inside it, first, so I can enjoy the palace more. 

2. Gyeongbokgung Palace, admission fee: 3,000 won for adults.

Dress (Lookboutique), Thermal Tights(Marks and Spencer), Coat (Zara), 
Scarf (H&M), Boots (Marks and Spencer)

National Museum of Korea is still within the same area with Gyeongbokgung Palace. There is a tour provided here but too bad I did not take it because I have a quite limited time. But, if you have the time I think this Palace is best enjoyed within a tour, therefore we could not only enjoy its architecture but the stories behind it also. 

At my first picture above, can you see it eventhough it was covered with fogs? Modern buildings behind the Palace's gate? I do love this contradictory occurence, a traditional palace in between hectic and busy modern buildings. Somehow I feel like going back and forth through a time machine. 

I guess this is how we have to live, no? With our feets rooted to the ground, remembering how we can be here enjoying our modern life, remembering how this will not happen without the greatness of our ancestors, thus we are always triggered to do the best we could so we can make sure whatever the hard work they did is not for nothing. 

3. Namsan Tower, admission fee: for observatory 10,000 won for adults.

At The Namsan Tower Observatory Deck (look at the panoramic view of Seoul behind me!)

After satisfied walking to every corner of Gyeongbokgung Palace and enjoying how beautiful it was while wondering how does it feel to be a princess inside the Palace, off I went to Namsan Tower. They say this is the highest point in Seoul, standing at 236.7 meters above sea level. 

Regardless of whether it is really the highest or not, I love spending time here for I can see a panoramic view of the crowded Seoul from its observatory deck. Just wondering, where might be my hotel is or what have the people in the building down there that I saw been doing for quite some time. And then I wrote letter while enjoying the view and listened to Stevie Wonder's overjoyed, letters for my man and my loved ones, and sent the postcard from a post office box available there. I felt complete. If you have the time and love sending postcards, this is a must to do thing!

Speaking about love locks, I put no lock there. Because, you may say I am a disbeliever in so many things, include this. I do not believe making a lock as a symbol of love, because love should not tie you up it should be liberating, no?

Finished my day by walking toward Samcheong Dong. Here we could find cool cafes and shops in hanok houses, makes it so perfect for a mix of tradiotional and modern feels. I came here a little late in a winter night, so most of the cafes and shops already closed. So, instead of staying at a cafe here like my plan, I just walked and walked. But I do loveee its athmosphere and promise to come here again when I have time for a sip of tea in the middle of this beautiful street.

Tips: come here at morning until afternoon and trying one of the cafes here, is a must!

See you at my last post of my last day in Seoul!

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