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Winter in South Korea (Day Five) & My Favorite Cuisine

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Not doing much at my last day at Seoul. The next day we will be flying back to Jakarta early in the morning, so clearly we spent the day at downtown Seoul. I guess if you read all of my post about South Korea you will find one famous shopping place which I haven't mentioned, yes! Myeong Dong!

Before going to Myeong Dong we stopped at this one place to buy souvenirs and snacks to bring home while also take photos of ourselves in Korean traditional dress, hanbok. 

Me in Hanbok

A yummy beef steak at one of the street food stall at Myeong Dong

Coat (Zara), Scarf (Zara)

As what you may heard from thousands of people, yes you could find A LOT of cosmetic stores here in Myeong Dong. There are several shopping street in Seoul, one of them is Dongdaemun, but yes here in Myeong Dong I could find a lot more cosmetic store than in other shopping street. Besides, they also got huge international chain store such as Zara and H&M, and it's not even one. You could find two Zara and two Starbucks here.

I spent about 4 hours here, not much. If you wish to shop till you drop and have bucket list to tick, I guess you have to spend one full day here. Beside the numerous amount of stores here, there are also plenty of street food stalls! I do not know how to choose... From taiyaki, fresh strawberries, until beef steak you could find it lining along the way. Finally, I chose the beef steak which did not cost much, around 6,000 won and it tasted great! Moreover when I ate it in the middle of a cold and windy day.

Thank god I did not have much time so I did not go bankrupt hehe. I bought things from Nature Republic, Labiotte, Tony Moly, and Starbucks (a Seoul Tumblr) as a gift from some of friends back home. 

2. Food Galore!

Beef Stew (at a Restaurant near Gyeongbokgung Palace)

Dakgalbi (at a Restaurant near Nami Island)

Roasted Duck (at a little Restaurant in Seoul)

Seafood Soup (at a Restaurant in Pyeongchang)

Beef Stew (at a Restaurant near Seoraksan National Park)

Those above are some dishes which I ate along my South Korea journey. But I did not take photo of the restaurant nor I can read the sign so that is as much as I can inform you. Best of all those above, is Dakgalbi near Nami Island. Before you take a ferry to Nami Island, you will find a lot of dakgalbi restaurant and of course it is a must try! The marinated chicken fillet roasted and enjoyed with fresh lettuce, garlic and gochujang is crazily yummyyy!

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

And of course, my next favorite food after dakgalbi, it is none other than Samgyetang! I ate it at the first store that sold Samgyetang, as you could see in picture above. You can find that store 5 minutes walk from exit 10 from City Hall subway station. Samgyetang is a soup consist of whole baby chicken which stuffed with rice and ginseng. You can also add soju to the broth. Without the soju, it already is tasted divine. The broth is rich while the baby chicken's juiciness is perfect and the ginseng added a unique flavor overall, crazyyy!

So that's it, when in South Korea I urge you to try Dakgalbi near Nami Island and also Samgyetang at the first restaurant which sell it! Finger crossed wishing I could eat all of it again, soon, and in its origin place, South Korea!

Have you been to South Korea? Which places you love the most and what is your favorite Korean food?

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