Monday, October 2, 2017

Solo Visit to Nu Art Sculpture Park, Bandung

Last two week, I went to Bandung to accompany my brother sort some things out and have the chance to do a solo visit to this sculpture park when he is busy. I went to Bandung quite often, I almost don't know where I have to spend my time anymore hehe. But, after I look for information about art galleries here and there, turns out there is this Nu Art Sculpture Park which have been opened since 2000 and I don't even know until then... 

This Park spans in a three hectare estate and privately owned by Nyoman Nuarta, a senior sculptor who is famous with his mega project in Bali, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. I wonder when will I be able to own something like this? Haha ;)

They did not give us a map at the entrance so I just follow the sign. I guess I can divide this place like this:
  1. There is a gallery which exhibits recent work from artist. When I visited, they display catalogue about "Slow Fashion" or you could easily know it by sustainable fashion. Yes, the opposite of fast fashion such as Zara, H&M and company of its kind. I love this catalogue very much for they try to remind us of a more balance way of living by not only see fashion through its glams and luxury way, but also through how fashion also has to do its justice to the world we living in.
  2. The museum. Here, we can see Nyoman Nuarta's work from early of his career up until now. 
  3. The theater. Which I sadly do not enter for it is closed when I visited and there is no film that is played, but from what I see at their website it looks like a great place to enjoy independent movie! If you want to experience some, check out their website or instagram for a movie screening schedule. 
  4. The outdoor theater. While there is no theater that's played here at that time, I can enjoy the place by simply sit in the beautiful outdoor theater while enjoying the breeze and reading my book!
  5. The outdoor park. Here we can enjoy the breeze by simply sitting at the bench, or we can walk and enjoy the statue that is placed outdoor, most of them are big! 
  6. Nyoman Nuarta's workshop. His workshop located near the river but only opened at weekend, so since I visited at weekdays, I could not see it.
  7. The N Cafe. This cafe have indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor area gives us a beautiful and serene view of the park with its statue and also a river down below. They served traditional balinese menu, I heard its dirty duck is the best! But I came here early in the morning and still so full I did not try it, next time, maybe.
  8. Copper and Brass coffeshop. Near the gallery, there is a really cozy coffeeshop with a glassworks overlooking the park and they put some books about gallery and art which I happily read it while enjoying my coffee.
  9. Craft boutique. If we want to buy some knick knacks or a postcard to bring home, we can find it all here. 
The Gallery

The Entrance of The Gallery

A Recent Exhibition About "Slow Fashion"

A Work by Nidiya Kusmaya, "Everything on The Menu-The Story of Food We Ate, Simply in Colors"; 
here Icelandic wool crocheted and dyed with organic kitchen waste

Notice the red sticker I wore? That is the sign we have to wear signing that we are a visitor here

The Museum

A Prologue about The Museum

Beautiful, no?

I really adore their presentation, it is as good as Singapore Art Museum! 

Reform by Nyoman Nuarta

Woman by Nyoman Nuarta

I forgot the title of this work, but look at how they present it, genius!

Garuda Wisnu Kencana by Nyoman Nuarta

Those above is the plan of how Garuda Wisnu Kencana will be completed. When it is completed, it will stand 121 meters above the ground, crazyyy, no? Lord Wisnu is the source of wisdom and preserver of universal equilibrium. So, here the iconography describes human's effort to keep their lifes in harmony with nature, beautiful, isn't it?  I hope it will be completed, soon, Mr Nuarta!

When I entered this museum, I could only read at the title of the sculpture and guess what is the meaning he intended to tell us by his work because I ain't given any guidebook nor there are any staff who explains to us. But at the end of museum there is this one staff who come to me and ask if I would like some explanation about works which I interested in, then we went back inside and she told me everything I asked, thank you (I forgot her name, my bad)!

I love his work which titled "Woman" and "Reform". The staff told me "Woman" shows us a woman which fully clothed look from the front, but when we look behind her she wears nothing, it means that we could not see people only from one side, for there is always two sides of everything. This I agree! Then "Reform" shows us an animal looking to the front, with man's footprints below it, it means that in the past we are, human, needed the nature for us to stay alive, but now, it is the nature who needs us, they are dying and lose their equilibrium because of us, man, no? So now is the time for us to take care of our nature. What a great philosophy which makes me wonder long after I go home. 

The Outdoor Theater

One Word: Serene
The Outdoor Park 

There are a lot of big sculpture here at the outdoor park. And also there are bench to sit here and there. The surrounding itself is very serene and breezy I feel like I could spend hours here, walking and reading. Moreover, when I visited this gallery it was at weekdays so not many people come by I feel like I own the place! Hehe kidding, Mr Nuarta! If you bring children here I think they will be very happy to play and run around. 

Copper and Brass Coffeeshop

The View From Copper and Brass Coffeeshop

Such a Cozy Place to Spend your Time After Hours Walking in The Gallery, No?

Coffee and Eclairs

After two months of non stop learning and also months more of preparations regarding my study, I feel like I needed much much creative energy and a quality me time to keep my sanity. And that was the perfect day at Nu Art Sculpture Park. To be able to spent three hours at a gallery and museum, alone by my self so I did not need to worry about anyone who would wait for me, I was able to enjoy it to my bones, let my mind wanders to the place it has never been before, I was feeling so content. I ended the day by enjoying coffee at Copper and Brass Coffeeshop inside this park, overlooking the outdoor park, while reading book available there about Museum Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia National Museum). I came back with a fresh mind and I guess I am now ready for whatever comes next! How about you? What is the thing that makes you feel content when you are about to lose your way?

Nu Art Sculpture Park
Jalan Setra Duta Raya No L6
Bandung, West Java
Entrance Fee:
Student - idr 25.000 by showing student identity card
Adults - idr 50.000

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