Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Positive Vibes

For me, the day of my hippocratic oath is just another celebratory milestone, it doesn't quite prove much of anything grand about me personally. But, if I see from another point of view, making others  instead of my self as the subject, I can feel the positive energy brought by so many people who do their best efforts, pound their love selflessly, and creating a space full of possibilities and chances to grow; to grow bigger, to grow better, to grow beyond what one can imagine, to be the best version of oneself. 

That day is the exact proof of how grand people around me are. For with their positive vibes can I stand there that day. It is quite true when people say, you can judge someone by looking at their friends and families. For there is no way a positive vibes is not contagious. 

Ibu and Bapak, ones who are willing to sit and talk things through beyond stereotypes, who urge me to dream beyond what I can imagine, Ibu who appreciates me not only when I'm good at cooking or helping her doing chores (like what most of aunties do), but also when I still have the time to do ballet in between the hectic days, when I can travel the globe using my own earnings, when my (not so great) writings got published, and when I try my best at my study. Ibu, one who taught me to appreciate people beyond gender, ages, and cultural & social stereotypes. 

My man, who present the best version of himself hence there is no way for me to not do the same. Who provides the space for us to grow yet also reminds ourselves again and again to enjoy every minutes of life.

My dear friends and sisters, who see life beyond the physical things, so it is never boring and never filled with the superficials. Who value life beyond the rumour and  bring the quality conversation to each and everyday.

Positive vibes is contagious. Search one and enjoy this life from their point of view, then, we will enjoy the best sceneries, though it might not be from the most comfort corner, I guess?

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