Saturday, December 30, 2017

Two Days Solo Trip to Yogyakarta

Jl. Malioboro No 18, Yogyakarta
Price upon booking (March 2017): around idr 600.000 (usd 13.5)
My rate: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Last March I went to Yogyakarta for 3 days. At the first two days I was traveling solo and at the third days my parents joined me at Yogya.

I stayed at Mutiara Hotel, a quite old hotel and surely needs some interior improvement here and there to be honest,  but it was clean and for that I love it, and of course the location is great, at the heart of Malioboro. I think that is the perfect location for solo traveler, to be surrounded by a lively places, the festivity of lights coming from the stores, food stalls that open until morning, coffeeshop,  well everything is within walking distance and it is somehow comforting. 

At the first day I went to Hayati Coffee for a pick up latte then I decided that I wanted to walk along Jalan Prawirotaman so off I go. I walked and walked along the road and suddenly I heard some saxophone being beautifully played and turned out that it was played by some musician at Via Via Restaurant, so just because I wanted to hear him play, I eat at that restaurant haha. Later I found out that every friday night at 8 pm is a jazz night at Via Via Restaurant. Too bad I was too enjoying the night I did not have any photos of it. 

Jl. Boyong KM 25, Kaliurang
Opening hour: 8.30-15.00, open everyday
Entrance fee: Adult idr 50.000 (usd 4)

The second day, I visited Ullen Sentalu Museum, again. I have ever visited the museum 4 or 5 years ago but I still haven't satisfied yet. In this museum we are wandering around guided by their professional guide who will tell us the stories about each collections and we are not allowed to take any pictures inside the building. I can not look back into some photos and reminiscing it everytime I miss this place so I just went there, again!

We will be guided through the museum in a group consist of about 5 people and we are free to ask as many questions as we have throughout the tour. What I love the most is a room full of letters from friends and families, written for Tineke, a Surakarta Princess. Tineke loves a prince who is hold a lower status than her own and for that her mother did not approve of him and she was broken hearted and her friends and families try to comfort her with the letter. One of the letter said (as what I remember because we are not allowed to take picture) "You are still a student. One day you will know what pure life ties you; struggles, successes, failures." Oh, fyi, 8 years later Tineke married that prince anyway!

And I looove the story about Gusti Kanjeng Nurul. She is also a princess from Surakarta. At that time, she is so intelect, able to speak a lot of languages, great at arts, and she refused a lot of proposal because she does not agree on polygamy. One quick fact I learn from this tour is that Nyai Roro Kidul and Ratu Pantai Selatan (Queen of The South Sea) are a two different person. Nyai Roro Kidul is Ratu Pantai Selatan's head of army, the one she sents when she needs her army to do their job. How new is this information for you?

Anyway, when in Yogyakarta this museum is surely a must visit. This is a privately owned museum, so well taken care of, have a perfectly beautiful interior and exterior, provides a great historical and educational information, be ready to have your mindgasm here :)

Inside Ullen Sentalu Museum
Menu: Western 
Prices: around idr 25.000-200.000 (usd 2- usd 14)

One thing not to be missed is to spend some of your time enjoying some foods and coffee from Beukenhof Restaurant which is located inside Ullen Sentalu Museum. This restaurant is serving western menu and I ordered french toast and ice latte at that time. The ambience is so comforting and romantic I feel like I could spend a day here, sipping my latte while writing whatever I have in mind and enjoying the serene ambience overlooking the inside garden of Ullen Sentalu Museum. 

At that time I was feeling so content spending the time alone with my mind, but another time maybe it will be great to enjoy some steak there with my loved ones while talking about the dreamy future. 

(I am visiting the restaurant overlooking Borobudur)
Dusun Tanjungan, Borobudur, Central Java

Maybe I have visited Borobudur a lot of time so this time I would love to just enjoy it from afar for once. Anyway don't you want it? Observing life from afar for once just as how the astronauts observing their life from the space? Then maybe, we will finally be humbled by the fact that no matter how great we are, there will always be something greater? 

I spent my lunch at Plataran Borobudur Resort's restaurant and enjoying some Mie Laksa. Nothing so special but the ambience is so perfect. If you happen to look for some place to enjoy a slow afternoon while sipping some tea, maybe you could visit this place. 

Menus: Western and Indonesian
Prices: around idr 50.000-100.000 (usd 4- usd 8)

Then finally my parents arrived and we enjoyed some dinner at Bale Raos. It is a restaurant inside Keraton Yogyakarta and serving Indonesian and Western food. I enjoyed some steak and Bir Jawa (Javanese Beer). It contains no alcohol of course. The Indonesian menus here is authentic and that night there is a music band playing keroncong (one music genre of Indonesia). I do not know whether this band always perform here or not, but that night, to enjoy the dinner with my family accompanied by the band, it was one experience I feel like only feel perfect when happened in Yogyakarta :)

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