Saturday, December 9, 2017

Staycation: Hati Padi Cottages, Ubud

Exterior of Hati Padi Cottages

The Serene Infinity Pool at Hati Padi Cottages

Exterior of Hati Padi Cottages

The Balcony of My Room (Standard Type);
look at how convenience this place for an afternoon me time with a book 

Inside My Room (Standard Type)

Bathroom with a View; oh can I bring you homeee?

A Mini Comfortable Restaurant inside The Cottage

A Bookshelf in One Corner of The Restaurant

I might not always stay in a beautiful hotel during my whole trip, but I find it a habit of mine, to spend one night at one secluded serene hotel so I can meditate, write, swim, eat, and simply be grateful for the days of my life which I have enjoyed and for the blessings God gave to me. And of course for the rest of the trip I would chose a more affordable hotel and spare my time enjoying the neighborhood.

On my last trip to Bali, I chose this hotel, Hati Padi Cottages and booked via It was half an hour drive from downtown Ubud, quite secluded and make my heart beats a little bit harder along the road, for I drove a rented manual city car, alone, along Ubud's winding road. But it was all worth it when I came upon this cottage's gate, what a beautiful and serene cottage!

This cottage located in the middle of paddyfield, only consist of 6 rooms, have a very beautiful and proper pool, there is a nice restaurant inside with good warm meals and bookshelf full of french books, just exactly what I needed for a me time at Ubud. 

There are no air conditioning in their rooms, I expected that it would be quite hot, but on the contrary it was comfortably cold. Maybe because there are many windows within the room and the location which is in the middle of paddyfield, so there is no doubt for a great air flow. 

Since it is quite far from downtown Ubud, at night I enjoyed my dinner at its small restaurant. I ordered Balinese vegetarian curry and it was good! I felt so complete to be able to enjoy my diner overlooking paddyfield which was light up by fireflies. Fireflies! What an uncommon view, no? I never found them anymore in the city. Then, fast forward to the morning after, I enjoyed a good morning swim at its infinity pool overlooking the paddyfield, the best morning I've ever had this last couple months!

But, there is one thing I found rather inconvenient, dirts kept coming down from the roof, maybe because it was made of some kind of leaves (I don't know what, exactly). And I found frog in my room hehehe. Though I am not afraid of it but maybe another guest will find it disturbing, no? But anyway, this hotel provides a very back to nature environment so the occurence of this little animals is no surprise for me. Overall, 4 out of 5 stars for this hotel! And of course, better to spend your time with your loved ones here (unless you're enjoying an introvert time like me) :) 

Hati Padi Cottages.
Jalan Raya Kelusa 18, Ubud
Keliki, Gianyar
Tegallalang, Bali
ph. 081339559910
price upon my stay (Oct 2017):
idr 500.000 (USD 37)/night for standard room

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