Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Explore Ubud: Tjampuhan Ridge Walk

Dress (Minimal), Tenun (My friend's, bought at Flores)

My friend with local children

Been not posting for a while due to heavy influenza so I can not woke up early (the time where I usually able to sit and pour down my thoughts accompanied by a cup of coffee) or maybe I was just procrastinating? Haha no lah, really I have been beaten down by influenza. 

Living near the sea now, I have to admit that sometimes, just a little tiny bit of sometimes, I miss the fresh and cool air of living near the mountain. Beside my home, Ubud is one of that kind of sanctuary for me, with its cool air (compared to Denpasar) and its not so crowded neighborhood and its hills and rivers. 

I remember walking through Tjampuhan Ridge Walk with my friend one early morning while we were visiting Ubud last time. We woke up early and did our morning prayer then off we go to Ibah Warwick Villas and Suites where the entrance to Tjampuhan Ridge Walk is located. When we arrived the sky is still dark and the air is still so fresh. We walked passed a bridge with river below it, a beautiful and serene temple, and after walked about 20 minutes we finally arrived at the ridge just in time when the sun was starting to raise.

After walked and walked we found a swing facing a lush greeneries, I wish this kind of path is the path I could walk through everyday. But then I realized it is the vibes, the serenity, the culture, until the smell of a burned incense there in Ubud, all combined, which creating the complete moment I felt. 

So if you happen to visit Ubud one day, walk early in the morning through this ridge walk, and I can guarantee that your whole day will feel complete :)

Tjampuhan Ridge Walk
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Ubud
Gianyar, Bali
(If you stay near Jalan Raya Ubud, you can enter this ridge 
walk through the front of Ibah Warwick Suites and Villas)

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