Sunday, April 1, 2018

Staycation: Medana Resort, Tanjung, West Nusa Tenggara

The room is full of beautiful paintings and carvings

The bedroom

The relaxing and serene bathtub

The restaurant and pool

Accidentally came upon this resort and turns out that I'm in love with it. Located at a secluded area, just before Oberoi Hotel Lombok, although this resort doesn't have any private beach but I just love the serene ambience. Only 6 villas available at this 1.5 hectare land, made perfect by its private and quite large pool for only the 6 villas and a quite and cozy restaurant facing the pool.

I came here with my mother and father, and they do not like this hotel for they prefer a more modern, super clean and super bright hotel. So if you're not so into an authentique ambience with a lot of paintings and statues and wood carvings then maybe you will also not find this hotel quite satisfying. 

But I love it.

The moment I entered the room I feel calm. I love reading my book on its bed and continue reading my book while enjoying a warm water in the bathtub with the aromatheraphy candle lit up, enjoying all of my senses working while pushing my mind to think. Don't you love it?

Then, early in the morning I can have the pool all for my self. While waiting for the sun to rise higher and warm up the air. A day in this resort can restore all of my energy which has been drained during the hectic weekdays.

To sum it all, if you love Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum, any restaurant or hotel owned by Tugu Group, and the ambience of almost all places in Ubud, I think you will love this hotel, then :)

Jalan Oberoi, Sigar Penjalin,
Tanjung, North Lombok 
West Nusa Tenggara
Ph. +6287864088569
Price upon booking (via Traveloka): idr 550.000 (usd 39) 
for standard one bedroom villa

ps. I will be traveling at the second and third week of April and will not bring my laptop, will not post any blog post because I want to enjoy my time to the limit while on it, so see you after my journey! Can you guess where am I going to travel? :P 

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