Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Change is Inevitable

Malaka, North Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara

Sigar Penjalin, North Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara

Through the little hidden alleys of Chinatown at the over populated downtown Kuala Lumpur, the red bricks building of old town Malaka, the lush rice field of Jalan Raya Sayan Ubud, until the crystal clear blue water of Gili Air, we never run out of words coming out from our mind to be exchanged. 

Though through times the way our mind works might change. What used to be a mere common sight might be important for us now. What used to be an important matters might be irrelevant anymore.

A change is inevitable. Through times.

But as long as the vibes vibrating positive breeze, who cares?

Happy birthday and may all of your good intention bring you back a good karma. Here was a humble journey I was able to give as a present, no birthday cake nor beautifully wrapped gift, but I hope the memory lasts. Next time, South of France? 

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