Sunday, July 19, 2009

going lunch with my brother

when my mom and dad going for bussiness-something or whatever, me and my lil' brother going out for lunch! hehe x)

shirts(unbranded), overall(unbranded),tights(unbranded),belt(unbranded),necklace(pretty plum shop ),shoes (customed by my friend),bag(roxy),watch(samsung),bracelet(handmade)

check out this shoes! i can customized lots of shoes like this.wanna check? just visit my facebook then x))


Jessica said...

fun outfit!!! like it =)
hehehe.. i also have those painted shoes, my shoes are TAXI designed.. =)

Jessica said...

btw, uda dilink! =)

valonia irene said...

haha thank you .
i also made customized shoes like that by my self haha. bisnis saya bersama teman" x)