Monday, July 13, 2009


hey everyone,it's been a while since i posted my last post .well well that's because i go on holiday with my family =))
actually , our first plan was going to bandung (yes! bcause me and my mom are love shopping so much). But my father is rather sick so we can't go too far. then , here we go . my family just went to surabaya , then we continue it to a small city, but here we find a great beach just like Kuta ! well i will post the picture then , enjoy =)

i found this zara over sized cardigan that i want so much x)
and this cute roxy bag

well well look at how this card
igan fits for every style , love it

dress(unbranded), over-sized cardigan(zara),gladiator sandals(unbranded)

well after shopping, i immedietly try on this cardigan, so i wear no accesories hhe

then at night, me and my brother went to xxi to watch ice age3

shirt(juice),over sized cardigan(zara),jeans(unbranded),gladiator sandals(unbranded),bag(roxy)

doesn't the pictures kinda weird? hhe that's because i took this pics on the hotel i stayed x)

this is the beach , doesn't that looks sooo great ? as good as kuta, believe me x)


Jessica said...

great oversize cardi, great bag!!!

valonia irene said...

thanks sist x)