Thursday, August 11, 2011

belated birthday

P.S. I am changing the display ratio at my blog so it will be convenience for you later to read, and see a better quality picture. But, my previous posts might contain a little bit inconvenience texts and pictures ratio due to the picture's previous setting. Do please forgive the inconvenience :-)

guess I should pending my story about my last vacation trip hehe because the photos are still in my friend's camera. and she's not in the town now :(
anyway, want to share you this birthday cupcakes I order for my boyf's birthday hehe.
and I think I haven't introuduce you my friend and also my partner in taking care of our baby clothing line VASH.
introduce you, Shella Farhina Amanda Fellanisa hehe :)
shella wear: her own top, skirt (alette in black by VASH), hat (mars&venus) 
me wear: top (one and a half), skirt (alette in dark blue by VASH), hair accesories (friend's), watch (swatch), ring (smoothie) 

want a pleated skirt like the one me and shella wear? just click VASH's blog HERE! come on shop shop! hehe.

6 comments: said...

shop with us :) many korean trendy item .. grab fasssttt


sabrina maida said...

how sweet you're :). happy birthday for your boy *late* . btw i like the cupcakes is so cute. and the last i like your skirt.


Becky Tjandera said...

Cute cupcakes :) Good luck with the shop, looking great!

Anonymous said...

So cute ;) Love those cupcakes!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice. xo

Ima said...

wow those cupcakes are so cutee! May I know where did you order it? hehe thank you!