Sunday, September 9, 2012

run, forrest! run!

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dress (unbranded), jeans jacket (unbranded), belt (unbranded), indian headdress (friend's)
photo taken by Widhi Astana

when I got tired, I slept. when I got hungry, I ate. when I had to go, you know, I went. (forrest gump - forrest gump movie)

have you ever watched "forrest gump"? that was a movie with Tom Hanks as the main actor, Forrest. well, in some parts, I totally agree with forrest. to do what we have to do, without any complaint. to do what we have to do, with the best effort we could put.

I believe, for every best results and blessings we got, it's not because we're lucky enough, but it is a form of accumulation of our effort, every act we did, every help we give to other, and prayers we sent to God.

the point is, do what we have to do.

don't ever calculate too much about how the result will comes out. just don't exaggerating the negative side, since it will only makes us stop, or postpone, what we actually can take care of soon.

like forrest, just do the thing we're best at, faithfully. like forrest, just run, and run, and run! but with those small first step of running, he has created the start line which later bring him into another road, another journey, another possibilities, another finish line, of every goals he could accomplished.

so, I guess we just should stop complaining, and start creating! :-)

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Dana Paramita said...

love that headdress! :)