Sunday, September 16, 2012

runway runway

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yayness! I'm about to post much VASH latest runway show photos! keep your eyes on the screen!
me, shella, and kak siska (the owner of Le' Goub boutique)
me wearing: dress (unbranded), shoes (unbranded), bracelet (mom's)

 me, shella, and ivan (runway's host)

okay, so that was VASH partisipating on Le' Goub Fashion Night 2012. there, much brands were performing their fashion show together, including us! this event was held by Le' Goub, a boutique owned by kak Siska.

what do you think about VASH's collection? if you love it, please kindly check our blog-store HERE and grab its collection!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so you own VASH? That's cool!
I do think this brand has a potential.
Is the concept like basic? :)