Monday, April 29, 2013

Le Goub Fashion Night 2013

P.S. I am changing the display ratio at my blog so it will be convenience for you later to read, and see a better quality picture. But, my previous posts might contain a little bit inconvenience texts and pictures ratio due to the picture's previous setting. Do please forgive the inconvenience :-)

Still remember Le Goub Fashion Night? Well, there will be another Le Goub Fashion Night again this year and it is surely getting much more bigger. There will be fashion show, of course, from several line including Gabrielle, and Le Goub itself. And the event will be hosted by Ifan Hakim and Lolita Agustine. This year, there will also be a guest star! Guess who is it? Well, let's see in this poster below! The event will be held at Le Goub parking area, May 4th 2013, starts from 7 pm. So, have you noted this and clear your schedule for this event? :-)

And pictures below are some of runway photos from VASH's fashion show at Le Goub Fashion Night 2012. Still remember, anyway?

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