Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wandering Around (Part I)

P.S. I am changing the display ratio at my blog so it will be convenience for you later to read, and see a better quality picture. But, my previous posts might contain a little bit inconvenience texts and pictures ratio due to the picture's previous setting. Do please forgive the inconvenience :-)

Last holiday I have the chance to spend some days wandering around, my favorite kind of holiday. Walking and walking and walking. I do love walking along the street wherever my feet takes me and accidentally found ancient buildings, art space, coffee shop, old book store, or just meet some street musician. For me, that kind of holiday is at my top favorite, it beats beaches or highlands :-) Well, let the pictures tell, shall we?

Guess where that is? Yes! Singapore :-)
And pictures above are all taken along Merlion Park, except for the street musician, it was at Orchard Road. 

Traveling Partner: Ibi and Alana

Dress (Unbranded), Jeans Jacket (Unbranded), Sandals (Unbranded), Bag (Guess), Sunnies (Unbranded)

Anyway, have you ever think, that maybe, what you see and what you think you know is not exactly what actually is happening? Some people judge others easily based upon a very little fragment of the whole story.  Well, I say, it's better not to. Because you will never know the whole story unless you are the main character in the story, or the author of the story. 

Like this post, for those who doesn't know, it is such an easy way to think that I'm a college student who doesn't know how to earn money while easily spend my father's by enjoying this kind of holiday with my friends. While the fact is, I am not. I enjoy my holiday, because I do much effort to make it happen without bothering anyone. Yes, I work. Yes, I work in between my college days. So? Don't. Don't ever judge while you don't know the whole story, keep positive :-)

P.S. more details would be written at upcoming post!

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