Tuesday, December 4, 2012

end year excitement

P.S. I am changing the display ratio at my blog so it will be convenience for you later to read, and see a better quality picture. But, my previous posts might contain a little bit inconvenience texts and pictures ratio due to the picture's previous setting. Do please forgive the inconvenience :-)

welcome december! can't believe it is end year already, right? I don't know if it is just me who feel this way or you do the same too: in this age I feel like time flies so fast, it feels faster than when I was a kid. is it maybe because as we grow older we got much more things to take care of?

by the way, end year means a lot of fun! much holiday, much end year sale, much enjoying life! well, wonder if you need a getaway to spend your money in this month? I have a good news here! VASH is announcing its end year sale so early! ALL ITEMS ARE ON SALE! I mean like, ALL ITEMS! am just too excited! don't you?

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