Thursday, July 12, 2012


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"on a sunny day, she stared at the sun. in a solitude, she sat in a reverie and watched the changing colour of the waves break upon the seashore of her mind. wondered of being a sun, to be able to build the world by its power like architect of the century. wondered of being a sun, to be able to cheer the world up by its warmth like a rainbow after the rain. in a daydream she's hoping."

this is a story of a girl with her big dreams and her will to pursue them. this is a story of how she wants to give a big impact to society, to the world, through her dreams. this is DAYDREAM.

yes, this is one of VASH collection. VASH always wants to bring you, all loveable lady, this message -that we, woman, could always be able to bring society and world to be a better one by our strength, our ability, and our dreams- through its every collection. so, have you check this one out? hurry open this DAYDREAM collection HERE. and go get ready to be inspired :-)

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nice blog ! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)